JMD Pools

Why  JMD Pools ?

State of the art swimming pools with the best price to performance ratio.

The Concepts

Sometimes the best concepts are a result of dedication, professionalism and workmanship. With these as core values, JMD Pools have garnered a reputation to showcase innovation and sophistication. Creating the world’s best swimming pools is only possible if the product is able to exhibit attributes of simplicity, durability, cost effectiveness and luxury, all at the same time.

Masters in the Art of Pool Making

Since 1966, we continue to be leaders, creating swimming pools for a clientele that aspires to possess the best in class quality, a hassle free experience and a long term cost effective solution for swimming pools. To exceed customer expectations, we provide them with the best Laps of Luxury, in an oasis in their backyard.

  1. Structure with Permanent Shuttering – RCC structure using permanent shuttering made of Polypropylene Panel.
  2. PVC Liner –
    * Soft cushioned Membrane
    * Replacing swimming tiles
    * 10 years warranty on leakage
  3. European Style Filter – 
    * No Pump Room Require
    * No Balancing Tank Require
    * No need to change water for years
    * Zero Piping

Our Features